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分類:Class_Nav_News2   2016-05-13


    From the standpoint of Tao, there is nothing which is valuable or worthless. Whereas from the point of view of things, each holds itself as something valuable and other things as of no account. From the poinl of view of the vulgar, the value or worthlessness of a man does not depend upon himself (but upon wealth, position, etc), If looking at things according to iheir gradated differences, we say they are relatively big, then there is nothing in the universe which is not big; if we say they arc relatively small, there is nothing in the universe which is not small. To know that Heaven and Earth are but as a tare-seed,and that the tip of a hair is a mountain: this is the expression of relativity.From the viewpoint of its function, if we say that a ihing exists or does not exist, in reference to the function it fulfills or does not fulfill, then there is nothing which does not exist, nothing which does exist. If we know that east and west are opposite, and yet that the one cannot be without the other, we know the due adjustment of the functions of things.From the viewpoint of the biases (of things), if we say that anything is right because it is right (in its own eyes), then there is nothing which is not right, if we say that anything is wrong because it is wrong (in the eyes of others), then there is nothing which is not wrong.To know that Yao and Chieh were both good and both evil from their opposite points of view: this is to see their bias.